Requio Web Design for small to medium size companies specializes in astronomy, sciences, tourism, environment, electronics and more.

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Contemporary Web Design

Android Applications

Since Jan 2011, Requio Web Design adds software development for Android devices to its services.
Current suite of apps (Google Play)

Requio specializes in Android applications for astronomy, sciences, geography, databases, etc.

Please visit the Android site designed for phones and tablets.

Basic4android REQUIO RECOMMENDS Basic4android (in English/Japanese).

Peace for ALL mankind. May ALL live in dignity and with mutual respect for any political, religious and ideological differences. Viewing from space, war, greed for money and power as well as other crime on Earth look so meaningless... just as it is. Remember the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan and other places before when ten thousands lost their valuable life. This is a good reason to cease all hostilities and work hand-in-hand as a friendly global community. If we do not learn from history, then history will repeat itself and escalate until we are all down to the lowest level of what some call humanity.

Curiosity Clock

Please feel free to use Requio's Curiosity site. Best viewed on wide monitors.

Requio Web Design is a freelance studio in Okinawa, Japan, specializing in the construction of websites for individuals and small to medium size companies or organizations. Unlike most service providers, I do not claim to be the best in the market nor do I top in all fields. Nobody does. However, if you are in need of a simple but modern, comprehensive, easy-to-navigate web site for your business, public outreaches or academic purposes I will be able to assist.

Inquiries about web sites with illegal contents, such as adult, violence, racial and criminal, as well as sensitive contents such as religious, political, military, legal and medical will be rejected in the first place.

Advertisement links and share links to "social networks" only supported if under my control and after confirmation of the nature of the linked sites. In most cases, linked sites are neither under my control nor under my client's.

My main area of my web design expertise is in electronics, optics, astronomy, general science, real-estate, accommodation, tourism and environmental issues. I may therefore have a strong understanding of the technical aspects and applications of the products and services you sell, while I am quite capable of working independently with a minimum set of instructions whilst fully honoring my clients' wishes.

I can handle texts in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

For those familiar with editing websites I offer design of customized templates and/or installation of CMS, currently supporting WordPress, which can be so configured as to provide the look and feel of a web site rather than a blog site. Further reading...

Friendly and relaxed project correspondence by email - no travel expenses, no extra time for meetings. You can therefore expect a high level of responsiveness and fast turn-around, even on weekends and holidays. In Okinawa, all days of the week are of the same feel.

Android Development Update

Rosetta Monitor "Rosetta Monitor"is software following ESA's Rosetta spacecraft escorting the comet 67P during its journey through the solar system. The comet will reach closest approach (perihelion) to the sun in August 2015 as the mission continues until December 2015. Since its arrival at the comet Rosetta has returned stunning, never-seen-before, images of the comet's nucleus. The application bundles a detailed star chart and an interactive planisphere to show the location of 67P in real-time or time shifted.

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Photo Clock "Photo Clock" is simple software to assist photographers make and plan photo sessions and provides the following functions and information: compass, weather icon, temperature, humidity (online), path of the sun or the moon, shadow ratio, solar insolation, moon age, phase, size, sun/moon rise, transit and set times, golden hours begin, end duration, blue hours begin, end duration, twilight begin, end.

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Waiting For Ceres "Waiting for Ceres" is software for those who can't wait for the first hi-res images from Ceres' expected to be received from NASA's spacecraft Dawn in spring 2015. NASA's spacecraft Dawn, which successfully explored the largest known asteroid Vesta, is currently enroute to Ceres. Since early 2014, astronomers found reason to assume that Ceres harbors an underground ocean, perhaps about 100km thick, containing more water than on Earth. This application provides mission timers, a location chart, news updates, a view from Mars, Ceres ephemerides and a Ceres quiz.

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Solunaero "Solunaero" is the tablet (or large screen) version of Requio's currently most popular "Solunar" application which is tailored to small screens. Solunaero covers the Sun and Moon (main focus) with abundant details, such as rise, set and ephemerides plus world time clocks. Also included, a Mars clock with a rotatable 3D globe, a planisphere (showing stars down to 5.5 mag, sun, moon, planets and comets) with planet ephemerides and positions of the Galilean satellites of Jupiter, plus a Moon Calendar. Space weather and local weather can be downloaded when online.

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Waiting for Pluto "Waiting for Pluto" is software for those who can't wait for the first hi-res images from Pluto's surface expected to be received from NASA's spacecraft New Horizons in July 2015. Well, this app won't shorten the time until then, but provides current information about the craft's flight to the Kuiper Belt, news updates, information about the Pluto system and current Pluto ephemerides, plus a Pluto Quiz.

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Asteria Coeli Requio's flagship Android application is "Asteria Coeli", an interactive sky atlas with loads of data and object descriptions. It also covers the solar system, planetary moons, a moon atlas, and among further functions, an astronomy quiz. The primary purpose of this application is for learning about astronomy. It is also an abundant reference for the advanced.

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Comet Monitor "Comet Monitor" follows current positions of observable comets. It is composed of a star chart, a data screen, a Sky View screen and a Ephemerides table. The app comes with two databases. "Selected JPL" includes popular and imaged comets using elements from JPL, while "Observable MPC" database of observable comets by the Minor Planet Center (MPC). Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) was expected to perform a celestial spectacle in late 2013, but disintegrated during its passage.

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The entire suite of applications in the market.
All applications are programmed with Basic4android and Requio's Java libraries referenced therein.

Astronomy Gadgets for Web Sites

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Please appreciate that the designs also reflect my client's wishes. Most of my clients are maintaining their sites by themselves introducing changes to the original layout and design -- eventually with catastrophic results, the worst of which not listed here.

Latest work: MSL Curiosity Clock

Latest work: AllEnergyAndMatter

Latest work: OAC-Japan

flagAsteria Coeli
Users' guide for an astronomy application for Android (english)
Introducing an Android development environment (japanese/english)
flagMSL Curiosity Clock
Loads of current data for the MSL landing site (english)
My client's personal thoughts about the cosmos (english)
flagOutdoor Amusement Companyclient maintained
Ballon rides, rafting, trampoline, bungy, jetboat (english/japanese)
flagTropical Jet Okinawaclient maintained
Thrill ride on a jet boat around Ginowan marina, Okinawa (english/japanese)
flagMirolux Productsclient maintained
Retro-reflectometers for the traffic safety industry (english)
flagTélescopes Marocclient maintained
Online shop for astronomical telescopes and equipment (french)
flagOrbys Inc.client maintained
Telescope & globe sales company in Osaka (english)
flagOhmine Architectural Designclient maintained
Constructions supervision company in Okinawa (japanese)
The web site of the Ryukyu Astronomy Club, Okinawa (english)
Condominium rental in Kona, Hawaii (english/japanese)
flagKasbah Hotel SaharaSkyclient maintained
Hotel*** in south Morocco near the Sahara desert (english/german/french/spanish)
flagSaharaSky Observatoryclient maintained
Astronomical observatory in south Morocco (english/german/french/spanish)
flagOh! ICCclient maintained
Translations, interpretations, conferences, web & DTP services (japanese)
flagEternity Translationsclient maintained
Translations & interpretations in okinawa (english/german/japanese)
flagSilicon Technology Co., Ltd.
Semiconductors and electronic components (english/japanese)

Design Cost

As a private individual, I can offer web sevices below the industrial average and in the most favorable combination of price and quality in full accordance with your wishes and deadlines. I do not insist on a written contract, since I prefer to work on friendly, long-term mutual trust basis. Order placement by email okay as long as not submitted via gmail, hotmail, yahoo and other untraceable sources.

The absolute minimum price for a single-page website template is 300US$.
Please contact me by email with project details for a precise quotation.

Hosting on a reliable, eco-friendly server starts at 50 US$/month, maintenance at 100 US$/month flat, while both offers can be combined to a discounted service package, depending on page count and volume. Alternatively, hourly fee accepted.

In case of larger projects, partial payments after completion of logical sections would be appreciated.

Cancellation fees apply based on work progress at cancellation.

Payments against invoice by PayPal (accepting all major credit cards) or national/international bank transfer.
Accepted currencies include Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, US/CDN dollar, British Pound, AUS/NZ dollar, or Euro.

The full rights for a web site will be transferred to clients upon receipt of payment as mutually agreed.

How to save cost
  • you have a clear idea/vision/concept of your web site
  • you do not require several design suggestions
  • you provide most photos/illustrations
  • you provide most/all page texts
  • you agree to simple programming allowing easy maintenance by yourself

Get this without extra charge
  • a photo gallery with up to 10 images
  • a fade-in/fade-out flash banner with up to 5 images
  • a spam-aware mailform in PHP or CGI Perl
  • encrypted email addresses to combat spam bots
  • gadgets: calendar, flag access counter, weather....
  • animated image magnification
  • a message ticker (customizable)
  • embedded Google Map of your location
  • Google Analytics statistics


Why "Simple is Best"?

A simple site is less expensive, uncluttered, easy to navigate and provides quick access to sought information. But this is not all.

Most clients wish to maintain their new site in-house without learning website scripting languages, in that a simple structure helps understand where text and images can be easily added, exchanged or deleted, quickly and painlessly. Actually, all you need for editing a simple website is a text editor, like Notepad or Wordpad that come with Windows.

Maintenance of a complex website that strongly relies on CSS, PHP, JavaScript, etc., is a time-consuming process, and extra time for maintenance is what most companies cannot afford.


  • Target Platforms: Desktop PCs, notebooks, PDAs and cell phones
  • Languages: English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish
  • Coding: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, simple Flash, RSS feeds
  • CMS: WordPress Installation and Coding
  • CMS: WordPress site templates (themes)
  • Illustrations: product photography, banners, photo galleries, and more.
  • Preview URL for clients to monitor work progress

Design Preferences

  • "Simple is best", and most economical
  • Minimum of flash and animation
  • Comprehensive structure no cluttered contents
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Fast page display
  • Enable user maintenance of pages with common web editors or CMS

Interactive Programming

  • PHP scripts, MySQL databases
  • Product search engines
  • Perl scripts
  • JavaScript
  • RSS 2.0 news feeds

Secondary Platforms

  • Pocket PC sites
  • iPhone & Android smartphone sites
  • Cellular phone sites (in HTML only)

Delivery includes...

  • Search engine friendly structure
  • W3C validated XHTML and CSS
  • Anti-spam measures (mail form, encrypted email addresses)
  • Thourough tests with common Windows browsers
  • Free after-care for 1 month (minor corrections)
  • 1 year guarantee for vendor errors, no client maintenance provided

Form of Delivery

  • Electronically delivered data set, and/or
  • FTP transfer to your server with full functional test


  • On eco-aware servers in the United States
  • With up to 3 available domains
  • Duration: 1 year min.


  • Upon agreement
  • Duration: 1 year min.
About WordPress

WordPress is an open source Contents Management System (CMS) originally designed for blog pages. Thanks to its highly configurable concept it can be modified so as to give the pages the look and feel of a typical, say, company website by eliminating blog related elements, such as comment fields, archives, categories, etc.

The user interface for editing pages (text modifications, insertion of images, etc.) is relatively simple and easy to use for those with little experience in writing HTML code. In other words, WordPress is the ideal choice for those who wish to maintain their new website in-house without major design changes.

Please feel free to examine a sample website implemented with WordPress. This sample allows selection of three color schemes while the positions of the contents columns can be swapped:
Click to visit
WordPress Emblem

WordPress requires a server environment that supports the server-side scripting language PHP and mySQL database. Most internet or web hosting providers offer PHP and mySQL as part of the hosting package, while a few even allow automated installation of WordPress from the online control panel.

Pages are typically edited online and any changes are saved directly to the server in that no manual FTP transfer to the server is required.

Requio offers:
  1. Installation of WordPress on your server
  2. Removal of unwanted blog elements
  3. Theme (website template) design or adaptation of an existing site
  4. Insertion of contents
  5. Full compatibility and functional test

After this, you simply log in to your WordPress account and edit at will. From this point on, Requio can no longer offer warranty for client-made changes of site contents and settings which is naturally beyond the control of third parties.

Please note that WordPress does not currently support multiple websites, i.e., one installation of WordPress in a given directory is good for one web site. For a second site, another copy of WordPress needs to be installed into another directory to accommodate the site. This is no big issue, since modern web hostings provide web spaces in gigabyte capacities, while a some even offer unlimited space and traffic.


What a website expert I've found. Thanks for your good work. I am really pleased with all of it. All my friends like what they have seen too. Certainly, I will recommend you for web design.
flagBill Kraham, Site Owner, Maryland, U.S.A.

Thank you very much for your help and thoroughness. It's truly a pleasure working with someone so responsive and accurate in their work!!!!
flagW. Kaiser, Site Owner, Utah, U.S.A.

Requio modernized my old website thoughroughly in no time. Now, I own a 3-star Kasbah hotel with a 5-star website in 5 languages! He also created an interactive website for my SaharaSky observatory, which is popular among my guests, and frequently used as astronomical reference. Last, but not least, he put together my telescope online shop, the first in Morocco, which has been most successful right from its launch.
flagF.G. Koring, Site Owner, Casablanca, Morocco

Thanks to Requio web design for setting me free from website updating work. You know exactly what was needed to make my website look better and user-friendly. I'm 150% satisfied with your work!!
flagMikako Miyagi, Site Owner, Okinawa, Japan

Highly reputed among my clients for quick response and beautiful illustrations. Comprehensively structured text and navigation. Good!
flagMitsuko Tamayose, Site Owner, Okinawa, Japan

We are proud to own a website in Japanese, thanks to Requio. Simple, elegant, modern...just what we wanted.
flagMartina Liedtke, Site Owner in Namibia

My wife is a textile artist interested in Asian textiles and prints, As a designer, she thinks the layout is easy to read and 'open' so the eye is not tired in any section. I like the way you always make your pages printable and the flash banners across the top of most pages.
flagMalcolm & Jelina Haines, site visitors from Australia

The designer has done a wonderful job on our club web site. The design is modern, clean and easy to navigate. Additionally, he also researched and found new and interesting content useful to our club membership. He is extremely responsive to any updates we request, posting changes within hours (sometimes minutes!) of contact. Highly recommended.
flagMichael Swanson, Site Owner, U.S.A.

We needed a Website to advertise our condo in Hawaii for rent. The designer came up with the initial design and layout which was consequently iteratively customized. He was very responsive taking customer inputs and provided detailed design improvements based on his own initiative. He added very professional features (e.g. printable pages, Map references, cross-references, photo gallery, visual effects, etc) to finalize this great website in both English and Japanese which is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eyes. We can only highly recommend Requio's Web service.
flagManfred & Zizi Miebach, Site Owners, France

Hi, I like the look and feel of your site. Clean and full of interesting information but not cluttered. Congratulations.
flagMatthew Croft, site visitor from New Zealand

Mail Contact Form

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For a reference quotation please contact me with the number of pages and a brief description of contents. A "web page" is roughly the electronic equivalent of an A4 sized sheet of paper.

Please never submit financial, personal or otherwise sensitive information. Nothing in the internet is safe!

Please do not paste URL links into the message field. It will be seen as injection of illegal spam while the mail won't be submitted. Your privacy is fully honored, unless otherwise required by international laws. If you encounter problems using this form please inquire directly by email to:

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