Requio develops commercial and educational web sites for small to medium sizes companies and organisations, astronomy web sites and databases.

Contemporary websites for desktops and mobile devices.




Requio Web Development
is a freelance studio in Okinawa, Japan, specializing in the construction of websites for individuals and small to medium size companies or organizations. If you are in need of a simple but modern, comprehensive, easy-to-navigate web site for your business, public outreaches or academic purposes Requio will be able to assist.

Requio's main area of web design expertise is in electronics, education, optics, astronomy, general science, real-estate, accommodation, tourism and environmental issues. Therefore, Requio has a strong understanding of the technical aspects and applications of the products and services you sell.

Requio can handle texts in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

Friendly and relaxed project correspondence by email - no travel expenses, no extra time for meetings. You can therefore expect a high level of responsiveness and fast turn-around, if need be, on weekends and holidays as well, without surcharges.

A preview site will be installed for you to monitor work progress in real-time.

Flag design inspired by traditional Sabani sails.


For Fairness

Inquiries about web sites with illegal contents, such as adult, violence, racial and criminal, as well as sensitive contents such as religious, political, military, legal and medical will be rejected.

Advertisement links and share links to "social networks" only supported if under control and after confirmation of the nature of the linked sites. In most cases, linked sites are neither under Requio's control nor under our clients'. Sadly, the internet is not a safe place.

Simple and easy to client-maintain websites compatible with a wide range of desktop and mobile devices naturally expect compromises with regard to page design which is a physical limitation. Nowadays search engines, such as Google give ranking preference to web sites which scale well on mobile devices.

You are more than welcome to maintain your website in-house after delivery. However, you would need to assign a colleague with at least basic web programming skills, otherwise the site will remain unattended or ends up in a broken look. Requio can assist you with a brief training.


Requio offers contemporary web design & development scaling on many devices with a single code base.

Search engines reward "responsive designs" with better ranking.

Responsive designs help save cost as there is no need for multiple websites for each target device.

Public Web Sites

A website to promote your business, organization, merchandises, ideas, yourself...

This is a standard website for your public internet presence. A basic concept for a small company typically comprises 5 to 7 pages, and carries the lowest price tag.


Company internal websites restricted to employees and trade partners only...

Most companies have need for a platform on which they can share information with targeted colleagues or trading partners. It is basically an ID and password protected website.

Management Systems

Database-driven merchandise stock control, school classes tracking system...

Keeping track and history of products and services is a rewarding task, made easy with a powerful database engine and tailored user interface. Requio employs PHP/SQL.


The most popular Content Management System with a flat learning curve...

Requio builds the template for you, and after installation on your server you can start populating your website with contents and maintain your site yourself, saving maintenance fees. The drawback is that WordPress is a popular hacker target.

Android Applications

Compact applications to support your ideas, products and services...

Either as a primary or a secondary promotion tool mobile applications reach out to more people. Requio currently supports Android devices only.


Complementary use of scripting languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery...

Requio makes use of modern scripting languages and their combinations to produce optimized pages, which can be viewed on nearly all devices, including, of course, mobile.

A website delivered by Requio includes:

  • Fluid, responsive mobile-friendly layout
  • Single code scaling on most devices
  • Search engine friendliness
  • Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools
  • Access log saved on server
  • Mail (inquiry) form
  • Access counter (third party or own)
  • One month free maintenance *
  • Requio-side errors are fixed any time
* not applicable if client-maintained.




Simple mobile websites, database-driven management.


Waimak English Seminars

A clutter-free, mobile-friendly bilingual website, plus a fully fledged database-driven Class Management System keeping track of students, class events, statistics, etc. A dedicated section is for class instructors, another for site administrators. Enrollment applications are received from a form on the public sector of the site.


Visit the website

Silicon Technology

An English/Japanese bilingual desktop website for an electronic devices distribution company in Tokyo serving the Japanese market. It connects to a database administering products that the company carries. A password protected members' section is included for moderation of internal data. Maintained by Requio.


Visit the website

Mirolux Products Inc.

This is the simple but effective mobile website for a small successful company in the USA, selling and servicing retro-reflectometers for the traffic safety industry. Simple and straightforward, the web site is made of a single, low-cost page.


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SaharaSky Observatory

SaharaSky, the only private astronomical observatory in North Africa is a stargazing hotel located in South Morocco at the foot of the Saharan desert. The mobile-friendly website guides astronomers and 'normal' guests through the hotel and observatory including rental equipment, prices and related information. It also hosts a photo gallery for posting photos taken by hotel guests.


Visit the website


A mobile-friendly simple website largely in French for a start-up business with astronomical telescopes, eyepieces and accessories for customers in Morocco. The products are stored in a database and can be displayed sorted by criteriae such as user level or optical system. Detailed information are hidden in collapsed boxes to keep the pages clean with lots of white space.


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Valor Solutions

VALOR Solutions Group is a Program & Project Management, Infrastructure & Facilities Planning, plus Professional Consulting & Training firm which maintains a federal contracting presence. This mobile-friendly website showcases Valor's professional, experienced services including testimonials.


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Kiddie Canvas Orlando

This is a group of instructors in Florida which hosts and supervises wall painting events for kids to celebrate birthdays and other events. If you are living within a radius of 50 miles from St Cloud then they are the right address for your party. It is a mobile-friendly, single-page animated website with a reservation form. Party bookings are stored in a database in that nobody will be forgotten.


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Astronomical Database

This is a publicly shared private project about astronomy essentially consisting of object databases and 3D visualization of planets and moons. Provided for those not looking for numerical data are an astronomy quiz,a planisphere, an event calendar plus a few tools such as a telescope calculator. The pages can be viewed on mobile devices where feasable. User registration is required only for contents that compute data for given locations.


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Practical hints for saving money


Less is More

A simple site is less expensive, uncluttered, easy to navigate and provides quick access to sought information. But this is not all. Most clients wish to maintain their new site in-house without learning website scripting languages, in that a simple structure helps understand where text and images can be easily added, exchanged or deleted, quickly and painlessly.

Actually, all you need for editing a simple website is a text editor, like Notepad or Wordpad that comes with Windows. Maintenance of a complex website is a time-consuming process, while extra time for maintenance is what most companies cannot afford.


Lower the development fee.

  • you have a clear idea/vision/concept of your web site
  • you do not require several design suggestions
  • you provide most photos/illustrations
  • you provide most/all page texts
  • you agree to simple programming allowing easy maintenance by yourself


Not you, your clients must love your site.

  • Efficient simplicity, device responsive
  • Minimum, better no flash and animation
  • Comprehensive structure uncluttered contents
  • Abundant 'white space' on pages
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Fast page display
  • Young mood but with authority and gravitas but not too conservative of senior professionals.


Requio will get back to you within 24 working hours of contact.
International clients please apologize delays as a result of remote time zones. Japan is GMT +9.00H


Okinawa, Japan

080-6676-1710 (domestic only)

Please send an email to the address at the left in case of problems with this mailform.


responsive design

The worldwide share of mobile web accesses in 2015 tipped over 30%, in Asia over 40%, both exhibiting growing tendency. 80% of internet users own a smartphone. Google says 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor's site instead.

Please resize the window to a narrow width and pull it back to larger sizes. You will see that text and images are scaled while columns are arranged vertically on narrow screens. The menu bar, too, is converted to suit smart phone screens. Responsive design layouts must be simple in order to be responsive on most kind of mobile devices. In turn you will be rewarded with lower cost, a larger audience and better positioning in search results.


and also...




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